Unleash the Immune System to Fight Cancer

We focus on immune checkpoint inhibitors – the key to unlocking new and effective cancer therapies. Our unique and innovative platform identifies novel immune checkpoints we can target with new drugs.

Our Focus

Unlocking the Promise 
of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

We combine cutting-edge science, real-world clinical insights and unique autologous cell systems (i.e. cancer and immune cells from the same patient) to drive the development of immuno-oncology therapies. Our lead drug is in a stage of IND-enabling studies and is planned to enter clinical Phase I in 2025.

Our Technology


We are committed to delivering pioneering solutions that directly influence patient care. Our discovery platform is patient-derived and able to discover new ways to fight cancer. Over 20% of the immune checkpoints we have discovered* have reached the stage of clinical trials by pharma companies.

*(IIA-supported research)

Our Company

Grounded in Expertise, Achievement, and Experience

4C Biomed brings together a seasoned team of researchers and scientists with over a century of combined experience in biology, immunology and oncology, committed to the same goal – transforming cancer treatment.

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