4C Biomed is an early stage biomed R&D group specialising in immuno-oncology and auto-immunity. We have established a uniquely sensitive immunological-based screening platform that is exceptionally efficient at highlighting true immunological targets for further development. This unique platform, together with our established methodologies, has enabled us to create and develop a unique bank of experimentally-derived targets.


Our vision is to become a leading immuno-oncology drug discovery and development group


We aim to identify novel targets that allow us to develop new and potent drugs to fight cancer and auto-immune disorders


  • We are committed to developing products that are ethical, clinical effective and deliver value to patients
  • We conduct business to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics, and in accordance with law
  • We are transparent, honest, ethical and fair in all our interactions. We accept personal responsibility for what we do and keep our promises and commitments
  • We stand up for what is right and support others who do so. We consistently deliver required business results, meet deadlines and comply with quality, productivity and performance standards
  • We achieve common goals as a team through open and honest communication
  • We show concern for one another and are supportive of each other’s efforts
  • We respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision, and have the courage to act decisively and imaginatively to pursue new possibilities for our future


We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website!