Our drugs are aimed at modulating a patient’s own immune system to enable it to overcome cancer or auto-immune conditions. Since our screening platform is unique, we believe our platform-derived targets are also unique. Hence, they confer a built-in advantage in developing a range of targets for immunotherapy. 4C Biomed has prioritised and experimentally validated, and is currently developing, antibodies in relation to the most promising of these targets.

our technology pipeline

Isotype Control ANTIBODY


Cancer cells were pre-incubated for one-hour with anti-4CB-1 or isotype control antibody. After one-hour, autologous TILs were co-cultured with the cancer cells, together with CellEvent Caspase 3/7 detection reagent. Plates were placed in Incucyte ZOOM system and scanned every hour. Green events represent Caspase 3/7 positive events, reflecting specific killing of cancer cells.